Global Holdings, LLC

The Global Holdings Family of Companies

The Global Holdings companies were designed and built with one thing in mind, to help ease the process for the debt burdened consumer wanting to reduce their debt. Global Holdings brings innovative ideas, products and services to help the consumer manage their payment solutions.



Global Client Solutions (Global)

Global is one of the largest account management companies in the United States and has been making a name for itself since 2003. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Global Client Solutions has become a leader in account management since its establishment. Today, over 400 debt settlement companies refer their clients to Global Client Solutions for account management. Since its establishment over five years ago, Global Client Solutions has created some of the industry’s most utilized products. Specializing in streamlining the payment process, Global Client Solutions makes it easier for thousands of people to achieve financial stability through effective management of their funds.

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Transaction Express

Transaction Express is the "next generation" account and payment processing platform. It was designed to be extremely versatile to create an entrepreneurial and open business environment to service multiple business applications. With the Transaction Express payment engine, companies can easily expand their current business lines into additional revenue streams while having the peace of mind that Transaction Express will support the product with its high quality development team and great customer service.

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